About Me

About me

I’m a certified Life Coach and Psychology student. I’ve spent a large portion of my life trying to understand a more holistic method to curing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages that keep us from living our best life. I have researched and experimented with several methods from therapy, psychedelics, energy healing and herbal remedies. Overtime, I’ve come to find that a lot of people’s mental struggles arise from modern consumerism, materialism and attachment. Others from things that are out of their control such as repressed childhood and past life traumas. The Zen Latte was designed to help you slow down and simplify your life while helping you learn and understand your subconscious beliefs to fully transform your life.

About The Zen Latte

So many people today struggle from various mental health issues from anxiety, depression and more. The Zen Latte was created to help you overcome it all. From feeling stuck in life, depressed or simply unfulfilled. The Zen Latte was designed to help you change your life through minimalism, inner connectedness and developing better habits. It’s about working with your body, mind and purpose to bring out the version of you that you looked up to as a child.